1. FC Union Berlin

In March 2010, UFA Sports signed a 10-year agreement to become the exclusive comprehensive marketing partner of the Bundesliga Football Club 1. FC Union Berlin. The cooperation agreement covers the marketing of advertising and corporate hospitality rights of 1. FC Union Berlin within the 10 years contractual period. 

1. FC Union Berlin is the club in Berlin that offers a one-of-a-kind football experience. In no other stadium in German professional football does the audience sit closer to the action than here. You can hear the instructions of the coaches, feel the passion with which players get into tackles and maybe you even need to wipe a few blades of grass off your face…That’s “pure football”!

Principles of the club:
> “Other clubs have fans, Union fans have a club”
> True football-passion - down-to-earth, honest and humble
> The most beautiful pastime in the world, without any other pastimes
> “Berliner Schnauze” with a lot of heart
> Young and open-minded Berlin audience