FC St. Pauli

In 2009, UFA Sports signed a cooperation agreement with the Hamburg-based Bundesliga Club FC St. Pauli. UFA Sports became the exclusive and comprehensive marketing partner of St. Pauli. The cooperation agreement comprises the marketing of advertising and corporate hospitality rights. The contract is to last at least 10 years.

The club is the allegory for authentic football resulting in a special island position for FC St. Pauli within the German football landscape. The club stands for more than just football - FC St. Pauli is a way of living. The foundation therefor lies in the outstanding enthusiasm and support shown by FC St. Pauli’s fans and supporters each weekend who share and appreciate the brand values that are intrinsically tied to the club, such as: 

> Rebellious
> Creative
> Self-ironic 
> Authentic
> Passionate
> Non-established