International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF)

Often described as a spectacular blend of volleyball, football, martial arts and gymnastics, Sepaktakraw is, in reality, a sport unlike any other. It demands lightning reflexes, precise control, and fearless, gravity-defying jumps. It is astonishingly visceral and explosive, yet, at times, equally balletic and graceful. Sepaktakraw is already a medal sport in the Asian Games and has long remained one of Asia‘s best-kept secrets - but now it is time to spread the spirit of one of the toughest games in the world!

Sepaktakraw Image Trailer:

The International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF) and UFA Sports have undertaken a global relaunch of Sepaktakraw and created the first-ever international series of elite tournaments. With a new ISTAF Tournament calendar that features the ISTAF Super Series 2013 in India, Thailand and Malaysia, this fascinating sport is ready to capture global audiences.